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Multi-Age 1, 2, 3 at Chautauqua Elementary

Curriculum and News for 2010-2011

Thanks Everyone!
Curriculum and News for 2010-2011
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Curriculum Units

Vashon Island

Our year starts off close to home learning about the history and geography of Vashon Island. We'll learn all about the first settlers and the native peoples who were here as well. Look out for some fun stories about the good ole days as well as some excellent guest speakers.

Click here to start learning about Vashon's history

Northwest Coast Native People

Beginning with the Native people found on Vashon we'll continue up the coast to British Columbia and down the coast to Oregon to learn about the culture and history of the first people of our region.

Click to begin learning about Pacific Northwest native people

Click to see our amazing and not-so-simple machine!!!


Space...our final frontier of the year. Look out for some exciting science and great projects built around an in-depth study of the solar system.

Space here to learn about the Solar System


Our garden has developed into a beautifully landscaped adventure in color and design. Please feel free to visit and enjoy the incredibly exciting and vibrant atmosphere. Taste the fruits and veggies and especially to pull a few weeds.
We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Gerie Wilson who once again gave countless hours of her time to keep the garden alive over the summer.
Be sure to pass along your compliments to her in particular.

Click our lettuce to read about some of the benefits of gardening for you and your student.

Contact with questions anytime by email!